Publications - MMO Working Papers
  1. An Analytic Commentary on the Greek Immigration Bill, 2000
  2. Trafficking in Women and Children: Greece, a Country of Destination and Transit
  3. Semi-reluctant Hosts: Southern Europe's Ambivalent Response to Immigration
  4. Immigration and the Welfare State: A European Challenge to American Mythology
  5. Southern European Labour Markets and Immigration: A Structural and Functional Analysis
  6. WP6 Migration into Southern Europe: Non-legality and labour markets in the region
  7. WP7 Migration Policies for a Romania within the EU: Navigating between Scylla and Charybdis
  8. WP8 Implementing the EU anti-discrimination directives in Greece
  9. WP9 Patterns of Migration in the Balkans
  10. WP10 "Immigrants in Greece"
  11. WP11 Immigrants, Racism and the New Xenophobia of Greece's Immigration Policy

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